Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why Are So Many Customers Switching to Sell Us Your Gold?

Although we've only been in our new Gilbert location since mid-October - our customers will agree that we are truly making an impact on to whom and where they will sell their gold and silver items.

#1 Security: One great example is from a high-end customer who came in earlier this week. She commented on how safe and professional of an environment that we provide for our customers. Rather than going to a store where their items are not tested in front of them - Sell Us Your Gold makes our customers part of the process. We explain step-by-step the testing process and ensure that our customers feel comfortable throughout. This particular customer has been reluctantly bringing her gold items to other places for years, but now she says: "I will be your customer for the long-term."

#2 Integrity: Many times, our customers unknowingly bring in items that are not real gold. Some shops make the customer feel guilty or brush off customers who bring in items that are not gold and silver. At S.Y.G, we treat our customers with respect and dignity - many customers who may have brought in non-gold or non-silver items have returned with piles of real gold and silver items after we have explained the process on what to look for.

#3 Value: Just yesterday, a new customer brought in a pile of broken gold items. She had never understood how the process worked - and walked away with $385.00! She said "I only expected like $25.00. I'm definitely going to be back!" At Sell Us Your Gold, we are here to bring a long-term business relationship with our customers, rather than a one-time transaction. We educate our customers on the gold market and what causes fluctuations - all with the goal of building a trusting relationship and a more savvy consumer.

Experience this for yourself - bring your unwanted, broken or mismatched gold and silver items, and you will not be disappointed!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Turn Your Junk Into Holiday Spending Money!

With the holidays right around the corner - here is a perfect opportunity to get some extra spending cash. Gold and Silver are at all-time high's - Gold has reached $1140.00 per ounce as we speak - and we will buy your unwanted, broken or scrap items FOR CASH!
Come by our store on 1034 N. Gilbert Rd, Suite #4, Gilbert, Arizona 85234. Or call us at (480) 415-4652. Don't miss out on this record market - your broken and unwanted Gold and Silver items have never been worth more!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just How Much Has Gold Gone Up???

If you didn't believe the hype before - after seeing this historical Gold chart from Kitco's website - you should!

Take a look and see just how much your broken, unwanted or mismatched Gold Jewelry has appreciated since the beginning of the year. That same necklace that may have been worth only $100 could now be worth as much as $150. That is an amazing return on investment! If you still aren't sure, please feel free to stop by and check us out for yourself. One of our most recent customers was only expecting $40 for her pile of broken and mismatched jewelry. She was shocked when she received over $350 for what she thought was junk! Needless to say, she left a happy customer and has returned multiple times.