Saturday, August 21, 2010

Another Resurgence in Gold Prices!

With the latest upswing in the gold market - $1,228.00 per ounce as of Friday, it is once again a great opportunity to sell your broken, scrap or unwanted items. Many analysts had predicted that the gold market cannot sustain above the $1,200 mark, however we have seen it cross this historic threshhold for the 3rd time in the last calendar year.
Each subsequent time that the market crosses the $1,200 plateau, we are seeing higher levels of resistance, i.e. $1,215/ounce in December, then over $1,250 just a few months back. The prices generally have dropped, however are stabilizing at higher levels each time. Many analysts say that the market may cross over the $1,350/ounce range by December. The truth is, that nobody knows for sure - but it is interesting to examine the trends that have taken place over the last year.
This only means good news for the consumer: Higher payouts for your gold, silver and platinum items. Now the question remains: Where should you sell your jewelry and coins?
Beware of unscrupulous dealers that are tending to pop up on every corner, as many are looking to make a quick buck. Within the last year, we have seen many of these type of outfits come and go - reason being that they are not in the industry for the right reasons. Also be wary of outfits promising hundreds and hundreds of dollars of "bonus cash" or gas money in their advertisements. If they have to add hundreds of dollars in bonus cash, it is likely that their up front pricing is not high.
At Sell Us Your Gold, we treat all our customers with integrity and honesty. Visit our Gilbert or Scottsdale location, and you will see how professionals handle the art of purchasing your jewelry. We ensure that you are comfortable with the process, and offer highly competitive pricing.
The proof is in our clientele. The majority of our business is through repeats and referrals. It is not about one transaction, it is about building a long-term business relationship. We conduct business in a safe, professional environment - and have changed the landscape of the gold buying business.