Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day is Here - Time to Sell Us Your Gold!

If you still haven't gotten that last-minute Valentine's Day gift for your loved one, and are in need of some cash - why not visit Sell Us Your Gold?
Even if you have broken, scrap or mismatched jewelry, it still has a lot of value - given the high Gold, Silver and Platinum prices.
In a rush?  No problem.  The process for selling your items takes an average of 5 minutes or less.  We will quickly and accurately test your items in front of you. We will then weigh the items and price them according to karat and adjust the price as the market goes up.
As our customers all know - it is a quick, easy and valuable process.  All our offices are in safe and professional environments, so you will not be disappointed.  Come by and see for yourself and you will see why we are a leader in the Gold Buying Industry!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Who Really Pays The Most?

Now that the gold-selling process has become more familiar among the public, many people are able to research and find great information online.  Consumers are now familiarizing themselves with checking on per gram, per pennyweight and percentage of melt value - which are definitely important measurements when finding the right gold buyer.  It is important, however to not take shortcuts when researching when and where to sell your gold.

There are many competitors who are willing to tell the consumer any price when they call over the phone - only to rescind change their price when the customer gets into the store.  For example - a jewelry buyer locally gave an individual an astronomical estimate over the phone - however once the consumer got in the door - the jeweler then dishonestly assessed their items, playing games with weights and karats.

That is why it is IMPORTANT to go in and get the bottom line price - because many times - the price per gram that is quoted often comes with an *Asterisk* by it.  At Sell Us Your Gold, we do not play games - we give an honest, fair assessment of your items.  We will carefully test your items in front of you, ensuring that you are comfortable with the process.  When we quote you the final price - you will not be disappointed!

Come into any of our locations in the Phoenix or Dallas Fort Worth areas and we guarantee you will be a satisfied customer!