Thursday, June 24, 2010

Returning Integrity to the Gold Business

As we continue to interact with our growing customer base, it is truly shocking to hear some of the experiences that they have encountered at other "Gold Buyers" throughout the Valley. Tales of deception, bait & switch tactics, along with leaving with the feeling that they got an unfair deal are commonplace. It is the goal of Sell Us Your Gold to change that perception.
We represent 2 generations within the jewelry industry - with over 35 years experience in the wholesale, retail and purchasing aspects of the gold business. Our extensive knowledge of the industry, and commitment to integrity will ensure that you receive the best possible experience when you come to our 2 locations.
We always encourage our customers to bring in their items for a full analysis, and will give an honest, fair assessment on whether we can provide maximum value for their items. For example, a repeat customer wanted to sell a 130 year old coin that was in graded mint condition. Knowing that local coin collectors may pay more for this item, we encouraged the customer to check with these collectors to receive maximum value. Remember, we are not the "typical" gold buyer!
We test each item in front of you, explaining the process to ensure you will be comfortable in selling your valuable gold, silver and platinum items. Our pricing structure is very upfront, and consistent with changes/fluctuations in the precious metals market.
Still not convinced? Come into our Gilbert or Scottsdale location to experience for yourself!