Friday, July 6, 2012

This is Why Customers Choose Sell Us Your Gold

Here's yet another story of how Sell Us Your Gold stands above the competition:

One of our customers brought in a piece of jewelry to one of our locations recently.  She got it priced out, but wasn't sure if she wanted to sell.  We quoted her a price of $378 and she decided she wanted to think about it.  A few days later she walks back into our store - with an interesting story to tell.
Since she was on the other side of town, she decided to take the same piece into a local buyer who also advertises very heavily.  For the very same piece, the competitor offered her only $250 total!
Obviously upset at the price she received, she walked away from that store upset.
The next day, the store owner calls her and tells her "Uh, gold went up a lot today - so I can offer you $370 for your item."
Luckily for the customer, she did not fall for the antics of the shop owner.  While it was true that gold went up by a few dollars that day - it did not go up enough to add over 33% to the previous price that was quoted.  When the owner realized that he was missing out on the sale, he then called the customer with a good offer.
But what about his initial offer?  Why was his initial offer so low? 

At Sell Us Your Gold, we ensure that our prices are consistent - updated real time according to the market.  We apply a fair, consistent pricing model - that is up front and is sure to win over the customer. 

Needless to say, the customer in the previous story came back to us.  She said - "I just didn't trust the guy" after the initial interaction - "and you guys are always so honest."  We pride ourselves in integrity, and providing a customer-focused experienced each time.  Come see for yourself - you will not be disappointed!