Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Satisfied Customer!

First, take a look at these coins we recently purchased. These are Silver Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars, dated back from as early as 1879. Yes, we buy Silver Coins and Bars too!

A recent customer stepped into our Gilbert location, very skeptical of the gold buying process. She lives in a 55 and older community, and has typically sold her gold items to a "gold buyer" that holds parties within the community. The customer came in and said "I'm only testing the waters, so I'm under no obligation - right?"

We assured our customer that we will give her a complete breakdown in pricing of her Gold and Silver items, and proceeded to checking, testing and pricing her precious items. As we went through this process, the customer was pleasantly surprised at how transparent the process is at Sell Us Your Gold. She stated that this was nothing like the "gold-buying parties" that took place at her complex - she knew exactly which items were 14 karat, 10 karat and Sterling Silver - due to our thorough explanation.

After the testing was complete, we gave the customer a quote for her items - understanding that she would go and check a few more competitors. Our representative told her: "Eight O Two." Which she responded: "Eight dollars and two cents?" - Thankfully, we were able to clarify - no, your items add up to $802.00 - which was almost too good to be true - She was only expecting maybe $200 based on her previous experiences with gold buyers. She was so delighted, that she insisted that we complete the sale on the spot.

This once again highlights a typical experience at Sell Us Your Gold. Come by our Gilbert office, and you will see why we are revolutionizing the Gold, Silver and Platinum buying business.